O Lord, Make Us Worthy - A Vespers Part by the Resurrection Lutheran Church Choir, Kyiv, Ukraine

Bless the Lord, o my soul (Psalm 103) by the Resurrection Lutheran Church Choir, Kyiv, Ukraine

July 26, 2010

Local Kremenets Newspaper About VBS

This year has been the tenth time that in the Ukrainian Lutheran Church the Vacation Bible School was held with the participation of the volunteers from the USA.
From July 04 to July 11 the building of the church was full of loud voices and bright, sincere smiles of the children of the town of Kremenets, Lutsk, Vorobiivka village, and other neighboring villages. Over a hundred of children every day were taught Bible stories, showed their knowledge in music, art and crafts, and just had an opportunity to speak English with the native speakers – volunteers from the USA that have come to Kremenets. All the children were great and they all had so much fun together.
The best students from different states and colleges of the USA are as follows: Emily Helwig, Alyssa Ruege, Beth Schwartz, Tracy Traxler, Erin Mathiak, Krista Komay, Megan Lepke. Together with our children, in addition to studying, they took part in different suggested activities, tours around the town.
All the teachers were working together with translators to ensure the understanding between the volunteers and children. The translators were the students and graduates of foreign language department of our local pedagogical institute and have proved their sufficient knowledge of English. They are as follows: Natalia Brodina, Alina Hontaruk, Pavlo Andreychuk, Alla Savchuk, Yulia Rubinets, Vita Rubinets, Yulia Chornooka, Lesia Pidhurska. As the translators also worked the pupil of Kremenets Specialized school #2 Larysa Brodina and a studentl ofa School of Shumsk, Uliana Muzychenko.
Music maestro Ihor Kravchuk has been working with the VBS for already ten years in a row by now. This year wasn’t an exception. He provided musical accompaniment in learning songs in Ukrainian and English. The children that took part in the VBS loved his lessons very much and enjoyed attending them since Ihor is the professional and he always knows what he’s doing.
Also, sincere words of gratefulness are to be sent to Olia and Myroslava Tymofiivna Kozlenko, Oleksandr Yemets, and Pavlo Andreychuk who took care of the organizational moments of the VBS.
An atmosphere of spiritual enrichment ruled the church during that week. According to the words of the parents the central hall of the church during the final concert was filled with spiritual singing of loud children’s voices.
The final concert summed up the VBS and all the participants were very satisfied with their work.
Lots of sincere words were said in the direction of those who organized the whole event. Special thanks are to be sent to Vasyl Andreycuk and pastor Roman Andruntsiv, and also to the professor Roger Kovaciny. We also express the words of gratitude for financial support, help and understanding to Kremenets businessmen Volodymyr and Tetiana Stefanski, Volodymyr Fendych.
All the parents whose children attended our VBS this year were very satisfied that during summer break their children had such a great opportunity to study the Word of God from Bible, improve their knowledge in English, Art and Crafts, singing and just got a chance to relax.
See you next year in our Vacation Bible School.
                                                                                           From the "Dialogue" Newspaper, Kremenets
The author of the article: Anastasia Fed-Titova
The author of the picture: Alla Olshanska
The translation: Natalia Brodina

July 4, 2010


Happy Birthday to the United States of America and lots of thanksgiving  to God for this country on the 4th of July!  I thank our Lord especially for American Christians who were broadcasting Christian radioprograms to the Soviet Union, thus sharing the Word of God with many millions of inhabitants of that Evil Empire.  Ukrainian Lutherans thank God for those Americans who brought the Gospel as soon as the "iron wall" fell down and for those Christians in the United States who share their blessings by supporting pure Gospel preaching all around the world, and especially in Ukraine.  You celebrate your country's birthday and we celebrate it with you together, prayerfully rejoicing. "Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance" (Psalm 33:12).  Happy Birthday!