O Lord, Make Us Worthy - A Vespers Part by the Resurrection Lutheran Church Choir, Kyiv, Ukraine

Bless the Lord, o my soul (Psalm 103) by the Resurrection Lutheran Church Choir, Kyiv, Ukraine

July 24, 2015

Youth Forum in Kremenets - Day One

Little more than a week ago we had ULC Youth Forum start. It took place in Kremenets. The youth gathering began with the meditation on the Word of God and prayers that were essential parts of the Forum for all three days.  The very first seminar (as also other seminars) were based on Dr. Luther's Small Catechism and was titled "A Christian in Church". Bishop V'yacheslav Horpynchuk had his presentation in the begining.

The first day of the Forum was also busy with visiting the Yuliush Slovatsky Museum in Kremenets. We learned about life and works of this famous Polish poet who was born and grew up in a western Ukrainian town of Kremenets there.  

They have also allowed us to make a small music picture on a museum piano. 

We tried to investigate ancient dungeons of Kremenets....

And we also enjoyed a local rosarium...

We thank the Lord for Faith Lutheran Church from Sharpsburg, GA for the support of our Youth Forum and Holy Cross Lutheran Church from Kremenets for being our gracious host!

April 23, 2015

Youth Council of the Ukrainian Lutheran Church Meeting

   Youth Council of the Ukrainian Lutheran Church met at the ULC Office on April 22, 2015 in Kyiv. ULC Bishop V'yacheslav Horpynchuk participated in the meeting. The Youth Council has discussed youth ministry in the ULC, approved reccomendations for the ULC parishes regarding the youth ministry, and also approved a decision about ULC Youth Forum to be held on July14-July16 this year in Kremenets. Picture: ULC Youth Council Members, Pastors Roman Andruntsiv from Krements and Oleksandr Feschenko from Tokmak.

April 20, 2015

Easter Season

We continue to celebrate 50 days of Easter joy. Pictures below were taken after the Easter Liturgy at the Resurrection Lutheran Church in Kyiv.

April 18, 2015

Two New Communicant Members

Two sisters in Christ, Mrs. Olena Derevska and Mrs. Valentyna Storozhuk, have been invited to receive their first Holy Communion on Easter Sunday in the Resurrection Lutheran Church in Kyiv after their confession of faith. We pray to the Lord that He may give our two new sisters in Him many blessed years!

April 17, 2015

New Citizens of the Kingdom of God

Two new citizens were added to the Kingdom of God through Baptism in the Resurrection Lutheran Church in Kyiv: Sophie-Marie Myrskykh and Oleksandr Storozhuk.  We welcome new members into God's family and wish them many and blessed years!!!

January 23, 2015

Confirmation in Zaporizhia

Sister Anna Puzakova has studied her Catechism at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Zaporizhia. Now she is a communicant member of our church. Pastor Oleksandr Feschenko who serves two congregations (in Tokmak and Zaporizhia) has invited sister Anna to come to the Holy Communion. We prayerfully wish our sister Anna many happy and blessed years in Christ!

January 21, 2015

Baptism in Kremenets

Victor and Olena Rymar from the Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Kremenets have baptized their daughter, Sasha. The Sacrament of Baptism has been conducted by Pastor Roman Andruntsiv and Decon Stepan Ksiondzyk.  We pray Sasha grows in the Christian faith bestowed by the Holy Spirit and wish her many happy and blessed years in Christ!

January 14, 2015

Stepan Ksiondzyk Deaconal Service Jubilee

Father Stepan Ksiondzyk has been celebrating the 50th anniversary of his Deaconal service.   In the times of Communist persecutions Deacon Stepan had his home church where he conducted Baptisms and Marriages of Kremenets inhabitants. At the same time he was persecuted and experienced physical violance for his Chrsitian convictions from the Soviet regime. As the Ukrainian Lutheran Church has been restored in Ukraine, Deacon Ksiondzyk faithfully serves in the Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Kremenets. We congratulate Deacon Stepan on this Jubilee and wish him many and blessed years in the service of the Savior and His Church!

Picture: Flowers to Deacon Stepan from the Ukrainian Lutheran Church.

January 13, 2015

Christmas Pageant at the Resurrection Lutheran Church in Kyiv

On January 7 we celebrated Christmas.  As most Ukranian Christians we follow the old Julian Calendar. Traditionally there are Christmas Pageants after the Holy Liturgy in our congregations with play about Christmas events and carols sung. Below are pictures from the Pageant and its participants in the Resurrection Lutheran Church in Kyiv.

Two New Communicant Members in the Resurrection Lutheran Church

On January 7 Jaroslav Horpynchuk and Maksym Rudzik were welcome to their first Holy Communion at the Lord's Table. We wish the new communicants of the Evangelical Lutheran Church many happy and blessed years in Christ!

January 12, 2015

Silent Night, Holy Night in the Resurrection Lutheran Church

Singing "Silent Night, Holy Night" at the Resurrection Lutheran Church Nativity Vespers in Kyiv this year (we follow old Julian Calendar along with the majority Ukrainians).